Neil Paolella is the Founder and sole owner of Arbor Asset Management. Neil began his career as a Certified Public Accountant working for Touche Ross (now Deloite). After eleven years, Neil left public accounting to be the Chief Financial Officer for Kalitta Air, the largest independent air freight company in the world. Four years later, Neil became the Vice President of Finance for Kelly Services, a Fortune 250 company.  

     "Every day I listen to my clients and continuously work to meet their goals. Doing what is right for them and always putting their interest before mine is how I evaluate my personal success. To me, this business is only about serving clients and honoring the sacred trust of managing their finances.

     The financial services industry should operate on the core principal of stewardship, defined as responsibly managing what others have entrusted to our care and living out through the practice of serving our clients."   - Neil Paolella